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Verandahs building by Pergolas Wollongong

A verandah with a sitting area

At Pergolas Wollongong, we build verandahs for the Wollongong community and its environs. We are experts in our field and have been trading in Wollongong for many years. Our verandahs are quality assured and made using the best Australian materials. We can build your verandah in any size and design that you may like. Our range of products are eco-friendly and offer high energy efficiency savings. We ensure that all our verandahs comply with Australian standards (AS1604).
We provide all kinds of verandahs, including pergolas, carports, screen rooms, and pool enclosures.


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    How much does it cost to build a verandah?

    The cost of building a verandah will depend on its size, design and material used. With our experience in this field, we are able to provide you with the most economical yet highly durable verandahs for your home. Our charges are based on the cost of maintaining or repairing that particular verandah. We will provide you with highly durable and low maintenance structures at reasonable rates if you hire us. Book an appointment now, and we can give you a free quote.

    An open verandah in a house

    How to choose and maintain your verandah.

    To get a good verandah, you need to know very well what you want from it. What is the style of the verandah that would suit your house? Would you like a casual, flimsy looking structure or a more formal and sturdy one? You should also check local building codes before commencing any project involving a verandah to ensure that your finished product is compliant with the relevant codes and regulations.
    Verandahs can be made from steel, iron or wood. Timber is considered the most expensive choice out of the three, but it is also considered to look good and age well. It can be painted to enhance its appearance or left untreated to weather naturally over long periods.
    With our team’s rich experience, we will help you choose the appropriate verandah for your home. We are experts in making different verandahs, be it an open-roofed one, a closed roof deck or just a simple outdoor patio. It would be best if you also had expert advice on how to maintain your verandah. Any kind of structure in the outdoors is prone to wear and tear. It is important you hire an expert building firm such as Pergolas Wollongong, which can help you understand how to maintain your new addition, so it doesn’t get damaged easily.
    If you would like your verandah to last long, you need to take good care of it.

    A verandah which can also be used as a carport

    The benefits of having a verandah on your house

    Verandahs are built for enhancing the exterior look of your house. Verandahs are extremely versatile and can be modified to serve different purposes. They are also a great way of extending the comfort zone of your home. They provide great protection to your house against harsh weather conditions, insects, animals and birds. This means you have fewer chances of being disturbed by these things in your house. Many people build verandahs to shade the exterior of their homes. Verandahs also add a touch of elegance and class to your house and can increase its value. Verandahs are also good for entertaining, overnight guests or just spending some quiet time in the outdoors. They provide an excellent place to sit and relax with a good book and enjoy the fresh air and natural beauty. Pergolas can be used as a replacement for a roof on your verandah or patio, while carports offer protection from the sun.

    Why Choose Us?

    Apart from being experts in our field, we have several other positive qualities that mark us the best for building verandahs. These include:

    Mould resistant finish: We ensure that the verandahs we build are free of any moisture or mould.

    Quality design: Our designs are built in accordance with the local conditions and ensure that every structure designed by us is suitable for the environment in which it will be installed. We offer a wide range of designs for our clients, giving them complete freedom to choose the exterior design of their homes. We make sure that we outdo ourselves in terms of quality and aesthetics.

    High strength: all our structures can take harsh weather conditions, making them last for decades to come.

    Excellent customer service: We prioritize the needs of our customers and provide them with exactly what they want without trying to sell them something that they don’t need.

    Expertise: Our team comprises experts in all fields related to verandahs, including designers and carpenters. This ensures that the project is executed with utmost precision and perfection at every step of the way.  We never compromise on our integrity and always work within the highest ethical standards possible. To ensure this, we make sure that there is clear communication between our clients and us. Contact us today if you are looking for an expert company to build your verandah in Wollongong’s unique architectural style!


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