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Awnings by Pergolas Wollongong

Awnings installed on windows of a building

Pergolas Wollongong has been in the industry for many years and provides excellent service in this regard. They are very professional in the installation of pergolas, awnings, verandahs, eaves, patios and pergola covers. We can provide you with the best solution for your outdoor needs.
We aim to provide you not just pergolas, verandahs or patios but solutions that will enhance your lifestyle. Because of our hard work and effort, we have become the most trusted company in this industry. We provide our services in Wollongong and the surrounding areas.


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    What is an awning, and what are the benefits of having one installed at your house?

    An awning is a structure that projects from a wall of a building over an exterior doorway or window or outside a roofed structure like a terrace to provide shade and protection from the elements. They are ideal for houses because they do not block natural light from getting into your home while still providing you with proper protection against harsh weather conditions such as rain, storm, hail. Installing awnings in your house also increases the value of your home and property over time.

    A builder installing an awning on a building

    How much does it cost to install an awning?

    The price will generally depend on the size of your unit if it is custom made, specialty fabrics used etc. An awning is designed as per your particular needs. If you like, we can come and measure for exact dimensions and make a sketch of what you would like us to build. Otherwise, it might be difficult to estimate how much it will cost to get an awning installed. Awnings can be custom-made, so depending on the design and type of awning required, the price might vary. At Pergolas Wollongong, we offer affordable prices for quality products with many years of experience in the industry standing by our product. We ensure that what you’re going to get is worth exactly what you paid for. Awnings can be custom made and so depending on the design and type. We have a wide variety of premium pergolas, verandahs and more for you to choose from. If you need our services in Wollongong, we’re just a phone call away. Contact us so we can give you a free consultation and quote.

    Stripped awnings on windows

    How long does it take to install an awning?

    The time it takes to install an awning varies depending on the design of the unit and its size. On average, it can take anywhere between 2 days to one month for your new awning to be installed completely. Awnings are custom made, up to any size or shape you want, and so due to this, the time taken to install one might differ. But we guarantee the quality of our products and take the shortest time possible to complete the job.

    Why Choose Us?

    Our company is one of the most reputable in Wollongong. Pergolas Wollongong has been in the industry for many years so you can be sure that you will get quality products from us. Our team consists of experts like carpenters, engineers and designers that know how to get the job done. Our team is highly trained and qualified, so you can rest assured that your project will be built properly with all knowledge used for optimal results. In terms of installation, we are known to be the best when it comes to installation since we have a team of experienced professionals in what they do. We believe in paying close attention to detail so you can be sure that your project will be done thoroughly and carefully, no matter how big or small the project is. When it comes to pergolas, verandahs and more, we have a wide variety of designs available so that you can choose what will suit your needs and budget. At Pergolas Wollongong, we serve our customers with passion, reliability and honesty. We always give our 100% for customer satisfaction because we value your business. All our products are custom-made to order so that you can choose your own style, fabric, colour and size. We only use high-quality materials in our products; there are no compromises made regarding quality. Our team is friendly and eager to help with any questions you might have. We want to ensure that your project is done correctly and satisfied with the end result. So if you are interested in finding out more about our services, feel free to get in touch with us to inform you of all the possibilities when it comes to your next building project. We provide the best solutions for all kinds of outdoor structures. Contact us today!


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